Go to the Message history node in the Policy Patrol Administration console. If the list is empty this means that Policy Patrol is not processing any messages and therefore no rules will be applied.

1. Check if users are licensed in Settings > Users. If users are not licensed, Policy Patrol will not process any messages and the message history will be empty.

2. Check if there is a valid serial number entered in local server > Security > Licenses. If you enter a new license, please restart the Exchange Transport Service.

3. Is the Policy Patrol Email Server service started? If it is, stop and then start it again.

4. If you have installed Policy Patrol on an Exchange 2003 machine: Go to services control panel and restart the IIS Admin service (Caution: this can cause message flow to be temporarily interrupted while the service restarts). If you have other event sinks installed on the Exchange server machine it can happen that these sinks are not releasing the message to the Policy Patrol event sink. Restarting the IIS Admin service solves this problem. To check whether Policy Patrol is processing messages, send a test message and check whether the message is appearing in Policy Patrol Administration console > Message History.

5. If you have installed Policy Patrol on Exchange 2007/2010/2013: Open Exchange Management Shell and see if the Policy Patrol Transport agents are enabled by entering the command: get-transportagent. You should see Policy Patrol Email Edge and Policy Patrol Email Hub in the list and Enabled must be set to True for both. In case it lists False in Enabled, enter the following commands to enable:

Enable-TransportAgent "Policy Patrol Email Edge" [ENTER]

Enable-TransportAgent "Policy Patrol Email Hub" [ENTER]

6. If you have installed Policy Patrol on a separate machine:

Try the above instructions depending on whether you have the 32-bit or 64-bit version installed. If there are still no messages appearing in Message history, it could be that the messages are not being forwarded to the Policy Patrol machine. Check that you have followed the instructions in the appropriate document (Installing Policy Patrol on a separate machine or Installing Policy Patrol with Lotus Domino in the How to's section on the following page: http://www.mysignaturesonline.com/documentation

If you are still having problems, please upload your support files by going to Help > Send Support Files. Select to 'Save support files on the Hard drive'. Go to http://www.mysignaturesonline.com/support-files/. Enter your details, click on the 'Attach a file' button and select the support files you just created. Click on the Send button to upload your support files. Our support team will investigate your configuration and logs and get back to you.