There can be several reasons why a user field is not replaced with merge information. In the Disclaimer Template, click on the Preview button in the toolbar. Select a user from the list and click OK. If the merge field is not being replaced with the user's information check the following (click on Preview again to go back to normal view):

  1. Verify that the code for the field is correct. If you are not sure, you can reinsert the field by choosing Insert Field > User and selecting the field.
  2. If the code is correct, check whether there is anything entered for the appropriate field in Active Directory Users and Computers > User Properties.
  • If you don't select the whole field when applying formatting this will cause the field not to be replaced since the field is not recognized. To check this
    Go to Templates > <folder name> > <template name> > Properties.
    Click on the Edit HTML source button and check if any tags have been placed in between the field. If so, remove the tags and click OK.
    Click OK to save the template changes.

Applies To

Policy Patrol Disclaimers